Firmware Updates

FC-HAKO has been designed to accept firmware updates to resolve issues after production.

The latest firmware release is v1.09 (07 Jul 2013).

This firmware will work with both first and second hardware revision of FC-HAKO.

The firmware blob and firmware update tool and firmware update guide is available on the Download files page.


v1.09: 07 Jul 2013

• wideband analog input averaging now performed over 2 data points instead of 3 (in other words: quicker response).

v1.08: Jun 2013

• Resolve issue (hybrid old/new commands) with R34 RB25DET PowerFC.

v1.07: 21 Mar 2012

• Support 4 analog inputs (hardware revision #2 only)
• Add support for communications LED (hardware revision #2 only)
• Unify firmware for both hardware revisions.
• Unify ADC code for both software modes.
• Handle error response from PowerFC, for both older and newer designed PowerFCs. Solves problem for Mitsubishi CP9A6 and potentially other firmware version specific variants of the PowerFC.
• Loading of all maps from older PowerFC is now performed with less delay.
• Error handling now altered to retry 7 times instead of only 2 times. Solves problem for older designed ECUs with 6 cylinders. eg: 1JZ-GTE and RB26DETT. Problem did not appear to be triggered on 4 cylinders or newer designed PowerFCs (eg: BNR32 or BCNR33 or BNR34 labelled PowerFCs).

v1.06: 07 May 2011

• implement differential input mode, also with 10-bit processing accuracy to minimise noise.

v1.05a: 26 Mar 2011

• work-around PowerFC bug with JZX100 auto (v3.43 so far) communications issue.
• slightly alter how error handling works in error scenario for newer PowerFCs only.

v1.05: 04 Mar 2011

• physical reconnection is now NOT required when switching between software.
• it is now possible to switch between FC-Pro to CoPilot to PFCPing to FC-Edit!

v1.04: 19 Feb 2011

• resolve issue where initial comms fails due to not waiting 10-15 seconds. IOW: waiting is now NOT required.
• removed code related to manual override of auto-detection. only used in testing.

v1.03: 05 Feb 2011

• first-gen PowerFC, at high operating load, could send corrupted data frames. now handle properly.
• attempt 3 transparent resends within 500mS SW timeout if invalid PowerFC data is received.
• refactored duplicate code and removed unused debugging code.

v1.02: 25 Nov 2010

• software (PC) and hardware (PowerFC) auto-detection has been overhauled to work problem-free.
• added more error-handling for all possible scenarios to avoid potential deadlocks.
• support for legacy PowerFC comms protocol has been added. Verified with the 3S-GTE
• overhauled FC-Pro ADC comms support. Removed 100+ instructions.

v1.01: 07 Nov 2010

• ADC acquisition is now performed during PFC/PC communications, so time performance is improved.
• FC-HAKO could receive more-than or less-than specified length of data from PC, requiring a power cycle to fix. Invalid packet data is now timedout and IGNORED.
• FC-HAKO could receive a 0xFF command packet from the PowerFC (legacy protocol) when an invalid command (0xA0 - airflow curve) is sent to the PowerFC that is not supported/recognised (eg: 1JZ-GTE MAP-engine on Copilot). Now properly handle 0xFF packet / character.