Handcontroller LCD replacement

Apexi FC Commander Blue LCD Apexi FC Commander Blue LCD The LCD can be replaced with a blue variant for $65 AUD.

There are two reasons to replace the LCD screen:
• Original screen is damaged, or is displaying poorly.
• Prefer a different color than green.


Apexi PowerFC ECU ECR33 RB25DET Nissan Skyline repair John provides electronics repair services for faulty and accidental damage to Apexi PowerFC hardware.

If the PowerFC hardware does not operate at all or does not allow the engine to start, John can professionally repair hardware involving surface mounted technologies.

The following PowerFCs have been successfully repaired:
• Mazda RX7
• Nissan Skyline GT-R R32/R33 (RB26DETT)
• Nissan Skyline R32 (RB20DET)
• Nissan Skyline GTS-T R33 (RB25DET)
• Nissan Skyline GT-T R34 (RB25DET)
• Nissan Silvia S13,S14,S15 (SR20DET)
• Subaru WRX (GC8D)
• Toyota Supra JZZ30,JZA70 (1JZ-GTE)
• Toyota Supra JZA80 (2JZ-GTE)

Also, it is recommended by Apexi when connecting and disconnecting communication devices (hand controller or PC-interface) to the communications port that the PowerFC must be off prior to connection. Which means: connect the external device before turning on the PowerFC, and turning off the PowerFC before you disconnect the external device. Otherwise there is a possibility of electronics failure. Worse case scenario, John is able to repair such failure.

Apexi PowerFC ECU comms port repaired It is best to email us with your enquiry and I will endeavour to respond and to understand the problem in clear detail before proceeding. Please describe as much as possible the problem (what actually happens, and depending on the problem, how to replicate it) so the background to the problem is known before going ahead.


• Postage cost is client's responsibility for both directions.

• Approximately $165 AUD, depending on repair. Including new part(s), inspection, diagnosis and post-repair bench-testing.