FC-HAKO connected to Apexi PowerFC in vehicle FC-HAKO is designed to work with official Apexi and third party software with the help of baud-rate detection implemented in hardware. This allows flexibility to use software that works best by the user, so you are not locked in to specific software. Also, FC-HAKO supports analog inputs with software that uses it (see compatibility guide). So if you need to perform logging with external analog inputs (wideband O2 controller and MAP sensor), FC-HAKO allows you to do this.

FC-HAKO works with legacy and universal Power FC communications protocol. This is done through auto-detection of the protocol, all transparently to the user. So there is no need to know whether you have an older or newer PowerFC (eg: Nissan Skyline RB25 vs ECR33), or a PowerFC which communicates only with the older protocol (eg: Toyota Supra JZA70 or Toyota MR2 SW20). This is the most common problem when it comes to hand controller incompatibility issues. FC-HAKO does away with that problem for the user.

FC-HAKO is perfect if you want to check the tune made by your 2D fuel map - MAP-RPM - 1JZ-GTE 370cc tuner. Nearly all people assume that the tuner does a very good job, but its far from the truth. Yes, peak power may be tuned to the correct AFR, but there could be one particular point (load and RPM) where it feels like a flat spot. Or there may have been a mistake or two in the injection part of the map where interpolation was not correctly performed.

If you are looking for target AFR tables, here are some real examples:
Toyota 1JZ-GTE 370cc
Toyota 2JZ-GTE 1000cc
Nissan RB26DETT 720cc
Nissan RB30DET 800cc
Mitsubishi EVO 9 4G63

FC-HAKO: Wideband controller input

The FC-HAKO features differential input logging for O2 wideband feedback for tuning purposes on supported software.

To connect up the wideband o2 controller to the FC-HAKO, the following table provides examples.

Alternatively, please download the PDF document for more information.

FC-HAKO hardware revision II

Since 21 Mar 2012, there is now a new minor hardware revision of FC-HAKO. The main additions are:
• 4 analog inputs, suitable for 2 individual differential inputs (AN1-AN2 and AN3-AN4).
• automatic pulldown to zero volts if no external analog signal connected.
• internal LED for PowerFC communications, to visibly see activity of communications between FC-HAKO and PowerFC.

Software compatibility guide

FC-HAKO has been tested on the following operating systems:
• Windows 10 64-bit
• Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit
• Windows XP Pro and Home

FC-HAKO has been designed to work with as many different tuning software as possible, including support of analog inputs.

FC-HAKO operating with FC-Pro software
Software PFC (old) PFC (new) ADC supp
Copilot YES*2 YES*2 YES
PFCProbe (testing) YES YES NO
PFCPing (testing) YES YES NO
*1 - not FCC-Pro (not consumer version).
*2 - only those in the supported list of models. (1ZZ-FE and 2ZZ-GE, 3S-GTE and 3S-GE, 2JZ-GTE1 and 1JZGT3PRO, EJ20K and EJ207, RB25DET, RB26DETT and RB261PRO and RB26_2-D, 1JZ-GTE (JZX100), 3S-GT1PRO, SR20DET1, 4G63)

We do not provide support for the software so it is best to refer to enthusiast forums for more information:
* Copilot on
* FC-Edit on

PowerFC compatibility guide

FC-HAKO will work with all PowerFC made after August 1996, including those made by AP Engineering.

The following PowerFCs is NOT supported by FC-HAKO:
• Nissan SR201, date 9608, firmware 1.70B
• Nissan RB26, date 96??, firmware 3.11

Make Model Engine Product code PFC model
Honda Civic (EG6,EG9) B16A 4E14H01Y 4E14H01Z B16A B16A2 B16A1PRO B16A2PRO D16A2 D16Y8
Civic Type-R (EK9) B16B 414-H001 414BH003 414-H006 B16B AH01 AH03 AH03T B16B1PRO B16B2PRO
Integra Type-R (DC2) B18C 414-H002 414BH004 414-H007 B18C B18C1 AH02 AH04 AH04T
Mazda RX-7 (FCS3) 13B-T 4E14Z02Z 13BT1PRO
RX-7 (FDS3 I-III) 13B-REW 414-Z002 414BZ004 FD3S2 FD3S4 13BR1PRO 13BR2PRO 13BR3PRO
RX-7 (FDS3 IV) 13B-REW 414-Z001 414BZ005 FD3S FD3S5
RX-7 (FDS3 V) 13B-REW 414-Z003 414BZ006 FD3S3 FD3S6
Mitsubishi Evo 5 (CP9A) 4G63 414BM002 414BM005 CP9A5 EVO5D
Evo 6 (CT9A) 4G63 414BM001 414BM004 CP9A6 EVO6D
Evo 7 (CT9A) 4G63 414BM007 414BM008 CP9A7 EVO7D
Evo 8 (CT9A) 4G63 414KM907 414KM908 CP9A8 EVO8D
Nissan Pulsar GTi-R (RNN14) SR20DET 4E14N03Z RNN14
Nissan Silvia S13 CA18DET 4E14N02Z CA18DET1 CA181PRO
Silvia S13 SR20DE 4E14N03Y 4E14N04Z 4E14N05Z 4E14N05Y SR20DE1 HP10
Silvia S13 (PS13) SR20DET 414-N003 414BN014 SR202R SR2014 SR20DET2
180SX (RPS13) SR20DET 414-N004 414BN015 414-N006 414BN017 414BN020 414BN021 414BN023 SR202 SR20T2-D SR202PRO SR202R SR204 SR204PRO SR2014 SR2015 SR2017 SR2D21 SR2D23 SR20DET2 SR20DET4
Silvia (S14) SR20DET 414-N002 414-N013 414-N005 414BN016 414-N019 414BN030 414BN031 SR201 SR20T1-D SR201PRO SR203 SR203PRO S141 SR2016 SR2D19 SR20DET1 SR20DET3
Silvia (S15) SR20DET 414-N009 414BN018 414BN024 SR205 SR205PRO SR20T5-D SR2018 SR2D24 SR20DET5
Nissan Skyline R32 GTR (BNR32) RB26DETT 414-N001 414BN029 414BN026 RB26 RB26DETT RB261PRO RB262PRO RB26PRO1 RB26PRO2 GTR33D
Skyline R33 GTR (BCNR33) RB26DETT 414-N011 414BN029 414BN026 GTR33 GTR33L GTR33D
Skyline R34 GTR (BNR34) RB26DETT 414-N010 414BN028 414BN025 BNR34 BNR34L BNR34D
Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T (HCR32) RB20DET 4E14N07Z RB20DET1 RB201PRO
Skyline R33 GTS-T (ECR33) RB25DET 414-N007 414-N012 414BN032 4E14BN32 RB25DET1 RB25DET2 RB251PRO RB252PRO ECR33 ECR33L ECR33D
Skyline R34 GTS-T (ER34) RB25DET 414-N008 414BN033 4E14BN33 ER34 ER34L ER34D
Subaru Legacy (BG5) EJ20R 4E14F02Z BG5
WRX ver 1,2 (GC8/GF8 A-C) EJ20G 414BF001 GC8A EJ20GPRO
WRX ver 5,6 (GC8/GF8 F-G) EJ207 414BF003 GC8F EJ207PRO
WRX ver 3,4 (GC8/GF8 D-E) EJ20K 414-F002 414BF005 GC8D GC8DL EJ20KPRO
Toyota Altezza (SXE10) 3S-GE 414BT013 414BT006 414BT014 414BT010 SX10A SXE10 SX10TA SXE10T 3SGE1PRO
Celica (ST205) 3S-GTE 4E14T02Z 3S-GTE1 3SGT1PRO
Celica (ZZT231) 2ZZ-GE 414BT007 ZT231
Chaser (JZX90) 1JZ-GTE 4E14T05Z 1JZ-GTE2 1JGT2PRO
Chaser (JZX100) 1JZ-GTE 414BT009 414-T003 414BT011 4E14BT17 J100A JX100 J100M 1JZGT-AT
Levin (AE86) 4A-GE 4E14T01Z 4A-GE2 4AGE1PRO 4AGE2PRO 4AGE3PRO
MR2 Gen II (SW20) 3S-GTE 414BT001 SW20 3S-GTE2 3S-GTE3 3SGT3PRO
MR2 Gen III (SW20) 3S-GTE 414BT001 SW20 3S-GTE
MR-S (ZW30) 1ZZ-FE 414BT008 414BT012 ZW30 ZW30T
Soarer (JZZ30) 1JZ-GTE 4E14T05Z 1JZ-GTE2 1JGT2PRO
Soarer VVTi (JZZ30) 1JZ-GTE 4E14T03Z JZZ30 VVTi
Starlet (EP82,EP91) 4E-FTE 4E14T01W 4E14T01X 4E14T01Y 4E-FTE1 4EFT1PRO 4EFT2PRO
NOTE: 4E14 product code or PRO variant represents APEngineering.
NOTE: 414B product code represents currently-produced PowerFC.